Online booking is available!


We are operating with new rules:


Masks with ear loops are required at all times when you enter the building

Wait in your vehicle or outside until we have texted you to enter the building

We will be taking your temperature

Client and Stylist will wash hands when you enter

30 min will be added between each client for proper cleaning procedure

No guests are allowed, including parents of children over 10 receiving services

No food or beverage or outside trash will be allowed

Please don't bring extra belongings in, including jackets or coats, bags, computers, etc.  

Extra belongings should fit in your pockets or on your body at all times


We appreciate all of you and want everyone to feel safe coming in for their appointments.  

We are also concerned for our own safety and appreciate everything you do to keep us safe.  


Please rebook for a later date if you are feeling ill, have been exposed to someone with Covid or has been ill, have flown on an airplane within the last 2 weeks, or have not properly social distanced.

Thank you!